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Candid Spotlights on Cloud Leadership

Strategic Approach to Optimizing Cloud Computing

Praveen : Lead Architect

Many organizations are told to cut costs without losing any functionality, but how are they achieving this ambitious goal? Learn how Candid was able to save a global consumer goods organization several million dollars in the first year of the initiative by evaluating 1000s of resources and right-sizing using machine learning techniques to reduce costs dramatically.

Adding Intelligence to the Data Lake

Ashley : Senior Architect

Can a six-week initiative unify your data lake into a single technical interface and bring your organization together? Join Ashley as he leads you through how Candid is bringing intelligence to the data lake.

Enhancing Marketing Programs through Amazon Aurora Migration

Harmeet : Senior DevOps Engineer

Is your marketing team engaging with the right consumers? Leveraging Amazon Aurora, Candid has transformed how a global beverage company gathers information around what their customers enjoy drinking and how they interact.

Rapid App Development Through Serverless Technology

Travis : Senior Architect

We love a good technical challenge, so we had an idea: In a single day, could we design and provision a credit security application that can scale to millions of concurrent users without leaking any data? Find out how Candid achieved this aspirational goal… using serverless technology.

Building Scalability for IoT

Beau : Senior Architect

With tens of thousands of IoT devices spread through the United States, how would you get them all to update immediately without losing functionality? Learn how in only one month, Candid architected a solution, scalable to hundreds of thousands, to solve this specific problem for one of the largest companies in the world.