Volker Cloud Automation Platform

Volker is the only platform that automates all three vital aspects of an enterprise migration – Planning, Provisioning, and Compliance

Accurate, Accelerated & Seamless Cloud Deployments

As an integral part of Candid Cloud Factory, Volker makes it easy to specify and auto-generate the infrastructure components you want to deploy, allowing enterprises to transition to the cloud efficiently, consistently, and securely.

Reduced Time, Risk, & Resources

Volker Planning Module

A lack of planning often arises as the biggest obstacle to successful cloud initiatives. Volker helps IT rigorously plan cloud initiatives through its Discovery and Analysis tools.  


Volker works with CMDB and discovery tools to enable IT teams to systematically identify every workload and plan for their migration to the cloud.


Volker makes it easy for IT teams to characterize every application and server. Leveraging an industry-defining programmatic approach, Volker creates a view of the relative business value of each application and the complexity of migrating the applications to the cloud.

Volker Provisioning Module

Migrate faster and more effectively leveraging automation to develop libraries of reusable code that streamline cloud initiatives.


IT uses Volker to specify all aspects of the applications, servers, cloud platform components, and accounts.


Generating the code required to accomplish the necessary application and account level setup, Volker creates and configures your infrastructure, so your application teams can directly integrate their code.

Volker Compliance Module

Breathe easy knowing Volker will lead your organization securely to the cloud. Volker reduces the risk your initiatives will stall out and ensures end-to-end compliance.

Pipeline as a Security Control

Volker adds automation steps within a CI/CD pipeline to ensure the infrastructure, configuration, and software meet compliance standards before they are ever deployed.

Continuous Compliance

After deployment, Volker continuously monitors your cloud resources to ensure they remain compliant with regulatory frameworks and organizational standards.

Volker leads your organization into the cloud efficiently, consistently, and securely; speeding your initiatives through its programmatic approach to Planning, Provisioning, and Compliance.

Volker Cloud Automation Platform

Volker Cloud Automation Platform

Volker Solution Overview